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REACT was founded in 1994 by Lanny Scholes. At that time, Lanny had been operating a very successful consumer product testing company. One of her clients asked her if she would be interested in managing his company’s consumer response department . He felt that because she already knew his products (having consumer tested them), because she knew how to manage consumers and because she was very customer service focused, she would be a good fit to interact directly with consumers of his products. Coincidentally, at that time, Lanny was looking for a business opportunity that would complement her existing one and so, after attending several meetings and workshops, Lanny formed REACT. Initially, it was established as a sister company to the consumer testing one and the two companies were housed together. In 2010, React moved into its own facility and became a separate entity.

It was Lanny’s intention to establish a boutique consumer interaction centre where customer service representatives are situated in comfortable surroundings, unlike most other similar environments where employees work in tiny cubicles with little or no access to the outside. She felt this would create a more caring, family-like atmosphere and translate into caring, concerned people to handle her client’s customers. This is exactly what has happened. See the testimonial page for proof.