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What Consumers Say

What consumers say after experiencing REACT’s service:

  • I just wanted to say that I’ve called other companies to complain whenever we find something wrong with a product and none of them have ever been as nice and helpful as you have been. We’re going to continue to buy your product even if we’re disappointed that our favourite product has changed
  • I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your clarifying the information I had requested. I now understand your company’s commitment to quality and I appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions.
  • I would like to compliment your department on the speedy response to my previous e-mail regarding the problem with one of your products. The personal touch of calling a customer tells me that your company is one that is striving to please the consumer. My family will continue to buy and enjoy your products, feeling confident of the quality of them and the commitment your employees show to consumer confidence.
  • First of all, I would like to thank you for promptly responding to my e-mail from yesterday. When I arrived home from work, I was happy to see that someone from your company had called me regarding the e-mail. Obviously you have great customer service and care about your consumers.
  • I think your company is the first one I’ve ever contacted that has given me a truly personalized response and I appreciate that you took the time to actually read my feedback and give me the personalized response, rather than making me feel like I’ve been given an automated answer. As a result, while I have been supportive of your company in the past, I did not purchase your products exclusively. However, I plan to now. Thank you for making me feel like a person rather than a number.
  • Merci de m'avoir répondu si rapidement, c'est très apprécié et cela réflète un véritable respect de votre clientèle, on ne peut pas en dire autant de toutes les compagnies. Continuez votre bon service à la clientèle.
    [Translated: Thank you for replying to me so quickly; it is very much appreciated and that reflects a true respect for your consumers. One cannot say as much for all companies. Continue your good service to the clientele.]

What consumers say about our customer service representatives:

  • The company is very lucky to have someone like you working for them. You’re very good at explaining things and make it easy to understand.
  • Thank you for your gracious reply to my comments. Not only does the company have a great product, it evidently has terrific customer relations people. I will make it a point to seek out your products every chance I get.
  • J'ai reçu de vos nouvelles me confirmant l'impossibilité d'achat d'oeuvre d'art. Mais je voulais surtout vous signifier ma gratitude. Je trouve que la qualité de vos communications est remarquable et je note votre engagement dévoué au suivi des dossiers. Pour cela je vous en remerci grandement.
    [Translated: I got your message advising me that it was impossible for your company to purchase my masterpiece. But, I just wanted to pass along my gratitude. I find the quality of your devoted customer service remarkable. For this I thank you and am very grateful.]
  • Thank you for being a live person and not making me pick different options on the phone.
  • I want to thank you for your patience. I didn’t know what you were talking about and I couldn’t find the information you needed from the box. You have a very nice way about you and you have treated me with a lot of respect and kindness. I appreciate it very much.
  • I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the courteous and sincere service when I called regarding a problem with your product. The representative was very thorough and understanding of my situation and was extremely reassuring.
  • You were very knowledgeable and I'm so happy that I spoke with a mature individual.

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