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Our People

Cynthia started working for REACT in May 1995. For her entire career, Cynthia has worked with consumers, first in a pharmacy setting and later as a receptionist and office manager at a consumer testing company. She started at REACT as a Consumer Services Representative, eventually taking on the tasks of Contact Management System manager and CSR supervisor.  In 2016, she was promoted to President of REACT. She works closely with the Quality Assurance and Marketing divisions of our clients, some of whom have been with REACT for over 18 years. Her work on customizing our Contact Management System software for each client, providing reports and assisting with consumer-related and internal procedure development, have enabled our clients to maintain a close eye on their consumers as well as on trends.

Lucie has worked at REACT since November 1997 and is our CSR manager. Prior to joining our team, Lucie owned and operated a moving company, handling all aspects of the operation. In addition, she has had both retail and real estate experience. Lucie is trilingual, speaking and writing English, French and Portuguese. In her own words, “I love dealing with and pleasing people!”

Christina started at REACT in March 2008. Christina has spent most of her career in the Customer Service field. She has excellent computer skills and often assists consumers to navigate through the websites for contests, promotions and coupons. In addition, she has taken on a majority of reporting tasks, providing our clients with weekly verbatim consumer reports, trend reports, and graphs. In her own words, “When it comes to questions, consumers always compliment me on knowing my stuff and feel confident in the responses I give them.”

Chantal began at REACT in May 2006 and is one of our French/English bilingual representatives. Prior to coming to REACT, Chantal worked in the foodservice, insurance and automotive fields. “I basically always worked in the service industry and have really enjoyed it. My big strengths are, first, being bilingual, and secondly, I have a lot of empathy and am always pleasant. I am a very happy and optimistic person and that reflects in my voice and how I talk to people”.  The number of positive comments from consumers to that effect is a tribute to her connections with our clients’ consumers.

Additional staff, who have been with us since 2014, round out our team of empathetic, mature, resourceful and dedicated CSRs, adding additional language skills, organizational skills, and Customer Service experience to the services we offer our clients.