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Our People

Cynthia started working for REACT in May 1995. For her entire career, Cynthia has worked with consumers, first in a pharmacy setting and later as a receptionist and office manager at a consumer testing company. She started at REACT as a Consumer Services Representative, eventually taking on the tasks of Contact Management System manager and CSR supervisor.  In 2016, she was promoted to President of REACT. She works closely with the Quality Assurance and Marketing divisions of our clients, some of whom have been with REACT for over 25 years. Her work on customizing our Contact Management System software for each client, providing reports and assisting with consumer-related and internal procedure development, has enabled our clients to maintain a close eye on their consumers as well as on trends.

CSR’s Team

At React we pride ourselves with having the most talented and motivated Consumer Service Representatives. Some of them have been in our team since 2006.
Our team of multilingual professional representatives, fluent in English, French and Spanish, possess more than 25 years in combined experience and dedication. Their previous experiences in different industries bring an exceptional set of skills that enrich our team and assure the highest level of service. 

Our clients and consumers constantly comment on how empathetic, mature, and resourceful our CSR’s are.

Our team:

“I enjoy working here due to the friendly family-like atmosphere and the fact that everyone here is always willing to help each other, which in turn gives our consumers the best possible service.” 
C. Bradley Bilingual (French-English) CSR

“We have such a great team, here at REACT! We all work together like a family.”
E. Robertson (English) CSR

“REACT is a family oriented and friendly company. We are very efficient and makes me feel good if I am able to resolve the consumer’s request by the end of the day.”
J. Dupuis Bilingual (French-English) CSR

“It is very rewarding when any inquiry that comes in, turns into a great service experience for our consumers, making sure they will continue buying our products.”
A. Thomas Bilingual (English-Spanish) CSR

“Being able to solve a consumer’s issues and listening to their concerns about a product is the best thing that a consumer can ask for. Compensating them at the end of our interaction is a bonus. That’s the best part of the job.”
F. Champlain Bilingual (English-French) CSR

“I enjoy interacting with consumers on a daily basis. I love helping and providing service to others.”
C. Denis Bilingual (French- English) CSR

“As a CSR I enjoy the feeling of helping someone, whether it’s by being heard or solving a problem. Being able to communicate with people and change their day; turning their frustration into a sigh of relief is satisfying and never boring.”
D. Lambert Bilingual (English – French) CSR